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Sticky Suggestion

I've been reading up on Commissioner Reviews on the site, y'know taking down notes oh how to shape my own soon-to-be commission business to make sure I give proper customer service and product quality and all that. And I've come to a realization, that there's been a recurring problem amongst many commissioners. So I thought, why not have a sticky with information all about the business of being a commissioner? It can be an info resource that many good ones can put their heads together to form.

You wouldn't want to hire a service when the owner never even went to school to learn how to run a business do you? And I feel like that's what's missing. A lot of people are getting into doing commissions because they can make costumes, but have NO idea what it means to run a business. This is coming from someone who has taken business courses and gone to all sorts of information seminars, etc etc. I for one and looking to make my commissioning a legitimate business, not a hobby job.

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