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Welcome to Night Vale Gathering

Helloooooo, listeners of this lovely podcast!
Let's begin with the basics!
Day: One (Friday)
Time: 3:40
Location: Out front (near where cosplay chess is held)

Cecil Baldwin--Haaku1234's friend Molly, tempo_mischief (fem!)(maybe). katadacty's friend #1, hybridchaos, Woofix's friend
Angel Erika--haaku1234 (host)
Glow Cloud--woofix, katadacty's friend #2 (maybe)
Glow Cloud Jr.--katadacty's friend #3 (maybe)
Carlos the Scientist--woofix's friend, resident-chick (fem!), katadacty's friend #4, hybridchaos's girlfriend
Newish Tree in the Whispering Forest--katadactyl
Kevin--hybridchaos's friend #1
Old Woman Josie--Haaku1234's mom
The Faceless Old Woman who Lives in Your Home--Mme. Nobody (maybe)
Hooded Figure--rmtakesover (maybe)
One of our gathering hosts can no longer make it, so we now only have one.

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