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1) What Machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please!
A Brother NS10

2) when did you purchase it/how old is it?
About 3-4 years ago

3) How much sewing experience do you have?
6 years

- how advanced are your projects?
Intermediate to advanced

4) what do you like most about the machine?
Does button holes automatically and never failed while it was sewing one. Has a button to start and stop sewing which had now become part of my muscle memory and I don't actually use the presser foot for it. Has a number of stitches, not as much as other machines, but covers pretty much everything you need. Easy to thread.

5) what do you not like?
Sometimes the bobbin can jam, but that's usually because I have done something wrong, or tried to force the machine to do something. One time I tried to drop the feed dogs to sew on a button, and the machine just flipped out and i had to spend half an hour fixing it. I recently acquired a Lemair machine from the 70s which can do that just fine XD.

6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer?
The machine is very beginner friendly but can still perform alot of advanced functions, Its a good machine that will stick with your as your skill increases. Would definitely recommend
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