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Originally Posted by darkangelxX447 View Post
I currently own a really cheap digital camera, its a Sanyo VPC-E870. I was looking at this camera, a Canon PowerShot SX30-IS.
I am not happy with my Sanyo in the fact that the pictures turn out blurry most of the time especially when I zoom in. I will be using my new camera for taking Cosplay pictures as well as taking photos and videos at concerts. So I was wondering if this Canon camera is good enough to take pictures from distances and if it will take high quality pictures and videos.
I've never used an SX30-IS, but I own the SX-50 HS and from what I understand from doing a little research, the SX50 costs a little more than the SX30, but you get what you pay for. The SX50 takes excellent videos and high quality photos-- All the photos in my gallery were taken with my SX50 if you want to see examples. I use it for masquerades, both videos and photos from several rows back. It's got good zoom quality and capability. It also has a nifty function that lets you temporarily zoom out to see where you are in the "big picture" and when you release the button, it'll resume the exact zoom you had before. Sometimes the automatic lighting setting doesn't work and you'll have to play with the ISO settings. This is actually helpful in places like masquerades and possibly concerts, when the lighting isn't too likely to change as long as you don't change locations (and there are no pyrotechnics or anything).

Sorry I couldn't help you more with the SX30, but I can't recommend the SX50 enough. It's compact enough that you can probably get a bag for it at a local Goodwill that will double as a con-bag, but it's good quality with photos and videos and plus, it's does well with zooming in.
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