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An update on this review:

While I was at PMX (and staying with my boyfriend) I kept tabs on my e-mail and PayPal accounts to see if I received any response from the shop owner. I never received an e-mail reply, and when I checked the mail today there was no eyeshadow. Since it's been nearly 2 weeks since I filed the dispute, I went ahead and escalated it to a claim.

I also checked out her Etsy shop before it vanished (I want to hope it's her pulling it down to shift over to Storenvy, as she had stated in her Etsy shop's 'About' page. However, it feels rather suspicious). In reading her shop reviews, I noticed a recent string of about 4-5 1 or 2 star reviews, stating their items had taken forever to arrive (1 month+) with one person even saying she had contacted the owner, and was told she (the owner) only does 5 orders per day. The owner also responded to one review that cited filing a PayPal dispute with a very defensive response, stating how busy she was and how the customer hadn't allowed time for her to respond, never mind how many days prior to the e-mail being sent and the dispute being filed had passed.

ETA (So I don't have a zillion posts telling this story):

So I heard back from the shop owner today. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, apparently she has had health issues. She showed me a screencap that shows she did ship the eyeshadow back in October, and told me she would offer a refund if it didn't show up or she couldn't locate it. I offered to have her apply any 'refund' toward a different color -especially with ALA coming up- so we will see.
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