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Cosplay Fox review

ok a couple months back i ordered a final fantasy moggle plushie from Fox. Just recieved the plushie on nov 15,2013. While i was quoted a 1 month turn around on this. That wasn't met. Yes that sounds bad but i can continue here.As i gave no real dead line besides december that month not being met didnt bother me. Cosplay fox was delayed as she told me with a back up of cosplay things. As it was getting into october (placed the order in september) i gave her that time seeing as there is holloween and other cons that month. While parts of her attitude might need adjustments she made up for that with a wonderful end product.As a way to repay for the length it to finish the product she also included a bonus head band which is beautiful and will make a wonderful christmas gift.

All in all the final product was well worth the wait and is so very fluffy. I am more then happy with the product dispite the delay.

I would give this an overall of an A to an A-. the slightly lower grade is just due to missing the quoted time frame,but like i said in the end it was no big deal and i would buy from her again seeing as the shipping in the end only took 2 days.
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