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Are you sure it's a nylon windbreaker? What I see in the screenshot looks like a hoodie sweatshirt to me. I haven't played this game, so I haven't seen the game model in motion and wouldn't know if the dialogue specifically refers to it being a nylon windbreaker.

A cotton or cotton-poly hoodie would be far easier. First, that fabric is easier to find if you want to make it from scratch. You could either buy the individual colors and sew the blocks together, or you could just buy it all in white, dye parts of that yardage to pink and brown, and then sew it all up.

If you prefer to paint, that fabric will actually take fabric paint. However, I would NOT recommend using regular opaque fabric paint to cover huge areas like that because it will make the fabric a lot stiffer and you'd ruin the stretch factor. Flowable paints will not change the feel and texture of the fabric, but on the other hand, they are harder to work with - it's difficult to get crisp, clean lines or even coverage with them. So, with painting you're going to be sacrificing something.

The best solution is to sew the color blocks together. This will give you the cleanest lines and most even coverage without ruining the material.
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