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Originally Posted by rawien8706 View Post
Hm, a friend of mine does comic books... so hm, google search "comic book convention, buffalo NY" and see what happens... I'm not too big into comic books, but I know a comicon just passed in Hamilton (near Niagara Falls/Ontario or something like that), Niagara Falls comicon & Buffalo comiccon...

FubukiCon (Daemen College) is coming up in March 2014, ToraCon (RIT) in March 2014 & UBCon (UB, North) in April 2014
You think I don't know how to use Google? First internet-capable generation over here.

The problem seems to be that these cons (which do happen, I know, because I hear about them after they're over) don't publicize very well (maybe for a good reason).

I'm definitely going to UBCon (that's where I'm doing my graduate studies right now). I'm thinking about ToraCon, and I do have a friend who's going. Have you ever been to that or FubukiCon? Both seem heavily anime-oriented, so I wonder if it would be okay to bring a group of Marvelites, or if people wouldn't take kindly to that, or...?

The only anime convention I went to was a small con in Seville, Spain a couple years ago. It was my first con, and I was mostly just very confused, and stunned - STUNNED - that one of my friends brought a cosplay to our STUDY ABROAD all the way from New York?!?!?111/one I mean that's commitment.

Anyway, I guess do you think people would be unhappy if there was some spillover from the world of comics? My costume is finally starting to look nice and I'm dying to show it off. My last con was Buffalo CC, which was awesome.
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