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I've been playing a little of this and a little of that. Finally downloaded the DLC out for Bioshock and played through Burial at Sea twice, and proceeded to beat my head off Clash in the Clouds a bit (mostly because to me Blue Ribbon Challenges = law, and if I don't get it, it feels like a fail).

Aaaand I also pulled up the original Borderlands as I realized I hadn't actually finished Claptrap's Robolution, and figured I may as well do that. Then finish my second playthrough for my siren. Then run around killing more things...

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I'm slightly interested in picking up Disgaea D2, but at the same time I KNOW I'm not even going to come close to putting enough time into the game because it's Disgaea. I can already tell I'm also going to skip cutscenes since they use the Warhammer style of comedy, use the same 5 jokes until the end of time.

I love Disgaea, but I don't think I've even finished Disgaea 2 because I get so tied up grinding and leveling, going through weapons, working to get bigger and better geo chains (ERMAGERD SO MUCH FUN) and generally dicking around instead of just playing through the story. I think I have three and four, but haven't even touched them... yet.
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