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Name of Commissioner: XhinYa Project
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Princess Amethyst from Sword of Sorcery, full costume + boots + accessories
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
What I asked for vs What I got (ignore the red boots)

  • First sent email on Jul 24. Requested deadline for costume is Nov 1. Received first reply a couple of hours later.
  • Received quotation on Jul 25.
  • Received fabric choices on Aug 19 (delay in communication due to national holiday in their country)
  • Received progress pics of accessories and armor parts on Sept 11.
  • Received progress pics of boots on Sept 29.
  • Received pics of completed costume + accessories on Oct 6. Pants had wrong details, which I told them so. They then went to fix it.
  • Received final pics on Oct 29.
  • Costume was shipped on Oct 30.
  • Costume arrived on Nov 5.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

The Good:

I chose XhinYa due to their positive reviews and impressive quality of work regarding armor parts. Their prices are affordable for a full costume that includes all the accessories, armor parts AND boots. I like that they are friendly, polite and easy to communicate. Whenever there is any delay in progress pictures or replies, they will email to explain why so. I appreciate that they ask quite a lot of questions because they appear so determined to get all the details right to my satisfaction. For example, the first time I received fabric colors, none of them were what I liked. They apologized, and sent another round of colors until I was contented with what I picked.

I am very pleased with their armor work and accessories; they are very very lovely! The rest, however...

The Bad:

My character is from a comic series, where is it common to have differences in costume details and coloring, depending on the artist and colorist. Thus, when I sent in my order, I stated very clearly which details and colors to follow in constructing my costume. They even acknowledged my instructions.

However, when I received the pics for the completed costume, I was shocked that the colors were so far off from the fabric colors they had asked me to pick from earlier. I asked about it, and they said that it is due to the lighting and camera. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, as you can see when I received the items, the colors are definitely VERY OFF from the version I wanted.

The boots were too big, so I checked my measurements sent to them again. I didn't make a mistake. What's weird is that I ordered another pair of boots from them for a different character using the same measurements, and THAT ONE FITTED. So it's definitely not an error on my part. (I sent an email to them about this, and all they said is they "were very sorry", while acknowledging "maybe they took the wrong feet's mold".)

Also, the original deadline given to them was Nov 1, but I received my things after that date. Luckily, in mid-Sept I had changed my con plans and wouldn't be needing the costume in Nov after all, but I didn't tell them that. I do feel it is unprofessional for them not to adhere to my original deadline.

Final Grade: B+
I'd recommend their affordable and lovely armor and prop work and would commission those from them again, but find someone else to sew your costume. Despite the wrong size, the boots are so fantastic quality, so just be wary if you're ordering boots. Give them ample time, and set your deadline a couple of weeks before the con/photoshoot you need your stuff for. Also, they are based in Indonesia, so depending on where you are, shipping can be costly.

(Nov 27th)
I am commissioning a sword from them and they're giving me a discount to make up for the mistakes in my previous commission. Changing final grade from B- to a B+ for service.

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