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Originally Posted by Yuki112994 View Post
Iím new to Vocaloid, but I love it (I even have a Miku Iíll be attending a con with next Spring!)! However, I canít decide what version of Rin to do!!
Already having a default Len costume, I donít really want to do default Rin alsoÖ
I want it to be brightly colored but I also don't want to draw too much attention...*I'm shy* >.<
Gah! Conflicted!

I think a cute cosplay that's different, and clourful is probably something like "Ah, Death SHould Not Have Taken Thee!"
It's a cute song, and a basic, but different cosplay itself!
I do agree that a Fear Garden would be cool, too. C:

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Anime Iowa {July 29th ~ 31st }

Cosplans 2016
Kotori Minami - Summer Water Girls (Unawakend)
Kotori Minami - UR Police Force (Awakened) [Possibly]
Kotori Minami - Paradise Live! (Awakened)
Monokuma - Female!

Looking for a cosplay group located in Illinois! Starting a Muse group so please message for details! 5/9 positions filled! Message me for info!
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