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Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
Oh, is it? I've only ever held gatherings on the pool deck before. By "area where the smokers go", do you mean to the side of the grassy area? Sort of by where Cosplay Chess is held?
And I'm always very careful to get the gatherings in before the date, but I want to figure out a time that works with everyone, considering this is such a small group.
Thank you for the offer on help, but I should be able to cover it. I've been running the Naruto gatherings for many a con, so I should be able to get it, but I may call on you during the gathering for a bit of shouting help.
Yes I mean that area, i believe the name is foyer? Could be wrong. Also I think iv met you before. Do you cosplay matt from deathnote at any point at past Ala's? And the area is good for small groups, and much safer in my opinion. That area is by to many cars. Props flying away and all. Aslo I do have a huge nightvale group were planning to attend
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