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All-Purpose All-Genre Sailor Senshi Costume Thread

Manga, Anime, Musical, and Live Show. Sailor Moon has reached it all... and thus I'm hoping this thread is in the right place. I don't think I've seen this kind of thread around before, but if it exists and I've been missing it all this time, smack me.

So, people, how did you make your senshi fuku or school uniform? I'm working on the manga version of Mercury's original senshi fuku right now and am curious how people have attached their skirts, formed their bodices, and so much more. Please share your expirence and your pictures!

Specifics I'm personally curious about:

==Senshi Fuku==
-Did you use a figure skating uniform or t-shirt or leotard as a base?
-Is your collar attached or removable?
-How does your collar attach/is it attached all the way around?
-Where did you get the 'button' in the center of the bow?
-Did you stuff the piping around the skirt and sleeves with cotton fluff or batting?
-Where's you get the shoes?
-What's your opinion on boot covers?
-How'd you make your tiara?
-Do you carry accesories with your costume?
-Anime or manga?
-What fabric types?
-How much did it all cost?
-Did you pleat your skirt?
-Have you ever seen or used the McCall's discontinued Sailor Moon pattern?

==Live Action Uniforms and Fuku==
-Can anyone tell me what the emblem on their right sleeve is?
-How do these collars attach? Seems to be from inside, doesn't it?
-Does anyone have plans yet to cosplay these new outfits?
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