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2012cosplay Boots Review

Name of Merchant: 2012cosplay.
Website: This is a link to the listing page.
Item purchased: UTAUloid Namine Ritsu cosplay boots.
Timeline: Boots were ordered July 15th, 2013, boots were received August 5th, 2013.
Experience: I saw the listing for these Ritsu boots while I was browsing around, and they were the cheapest listing I was able to find (other places had boot covers listed for $200. Can we say possible scam?). The store had (and still has) a 100% satisfaction rating with their eBay store, so I figured I found a safe place to buy from.
The boots were $60, plus $20 for shipping DHL (not what I preferred, but eh). They ask that, when you buy your cosplay shoes, you send them all these sorts of measurements in the little buyer's note area. Because I believe in being sweet with cosplay sellers, I sent them measurements in both centimeters and inches. I was a bit worried that this would mess up the measurements after the fact, and I was also worried that they wouldn't make the boots as tall as I asked for, but all I could do was wait and see.
Fast forward three weeks or so. The DHL truck pulls up in my driveway with the boots. When I saw the boots were packaged in a bag rather than a box like I expected them to be, I was a little worried. However, I pulled the boots out (from the large amounts of bubble wrap they were buried in) and the only thing wrong with them was a little crease on the sides of them from where they were folded over in the bag. Otherwise, they were beautiful and the colors were very similar to how they appeared on the listing picture.
I put on the boots to make sure that they fit. Holy magikarp the measurements were right on the dot. The boots fit me perfectly, and looked almost the way I wanted them to! The only downside was that the heels of the boots didn't look like they did in the listing. Instead of that little trapezoid shape going on, my heel gap looked a bit more like a diamond (but whatever it holds up). The material looks nice, when it doesn't have creases in it. The part that gets the most creases and dents a lot is the blue material on the toes, but unless you've got your head a few inches away from the toes you can't really notice them. They're a little stiff to walk around in as well, but hey, cosplay shoes do that, yes? One final, little complaint I have is that the ribbons on the shoes become untied after a couple hundred steps, even if I double knot them.
Despite me being a nitpick, these boots are wonderful and were definitely worth the $80 that I spent on them. The bottom around the toe is starting to come off a bit, but it's something I can fix with super glue, I'm sure.

So in short:
Pros: Great quality, colors were similar, measurements were dead on, arrived in reasonable time, and need I mention look amazing?
Cons: The boots themselves wrinkle sometimes, the ribbons come untied a lot, kind of have wrinkle-crinkle damage, as well as the fact they came in a bag instead of a box, but otherwise there aren't many other real cons with these boots or the seller.

Final grade: A definite A! I would really recommend this store to anyone looking for cosplay shoes (despite my nitpicking about the ones I got ^^;.) They make good looking cosplay shoes at a reasonable price. If I need cosplay shoes in the future, this is the first place I'm gonna look.

PS: First review I've ever posted...hopefully the format is okay!
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