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Name of Commissioner: The Cosplay Fox
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Honekoneko Plushie
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Mid-August-Early December
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Made a request in the cosplay commissions fb group. I was looking to get a Honekoneko plushie done after my other one was way too small. Think I was asking for something else to along with this. My deadline was end of November. She messaged me and gave me exact price on the plushie and it was a very price, she even offered to take money off it if that price didn't work. I said no the quoted price was fine. Paid over half the amount and within days I got a picture of the fabric. Weeks after I continually but not like too much asked for updates and she provided one each time. I paid the remaining I owed in November. She let me know of a personal situation and asked if we could set the deadline back some so she could have some time. I fully understood this so I said early December. She sent a finished plushie picture to me on the 3rd and had him shipped on Friday. He got here today! He looks fantastic and is bigger then my old one. He is a more darker purple that I love too plus he has the zipper and pouch area in the back that fits my wallet,phone,and candies.

Only thing I can find off is he is missing the stitches on top of his head but my old one had that to but it's a easy fix though he looks cute without them. Also a stitch in his leg popped but that's highly likely my Postwoman fault as she squished him into my mailbox.

This plushie was for my sister's Stocking cosplay and she is very happy with him! He current is sitting next to her Hello Kitty plush. That means a lot.

I plan in the future to get something else made by this sweetheart again. I highly recommend her!

Final Grade: A
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