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Originally Posted by Giyari View Post
This might help some people, this is a model viewer for ffxiv. I believe it does not require the game to be installed to work.


I believe the outfit you are looking for is some kind of tabard, not really a dress , she just isn't wearing pants, design wise look up Hoplite tabard, I could be wrong but it's worth looking into.


That set of armor should be the Vanya set, try looking up Vanya robe of healing.

Lancer looks like they are wearing Gryphonskin set, so look up Gryphonskin Jerkin.

Thaumaturge, also wears Vanya, but their gear is named slightly different, in this case Vanya robe of Casting.

Most Armor can be dyed in ffxiv so technically, you can't go wrong with color.

I hope this somewhat helps.
Thank you, but I want looking for help on any of it, but I guess those terms do tell me more so I know what stuff is for conversation purposes. I was more seeing the opinions of those that do play it, coming from someone that can't play it
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