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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
After saeeing This thread:
About someone wanting to do a Conjurer cosplay:
It made me want to do one. The design is super cute and I would love to do it. Problem is..I've never played XIV..Not only that, but I couldn't..Not only can I not find it anywhere to get, I can't afford even crappy low priced used games, let alone this one (that is, IF I can find one). Then I also don't have a computer that can hold the game (all crappy older computers that can barely hold a game..). But I normally also am not into the MMO style, where I more play just the normal FF games..Anyway, the point was I wanna cosplay that cuz I like the design, so what does the FF community think about someone in this predicament?

I also really like the Lancer:
And the Thaumaturge:
I'm a player of the PS3 version of FFXIV: A realm reborn. My character is a white mage which is the advanced class of Conjurer. I'm sure if you just ask around someone can help you regardless if you play the game or not. The costume design you are wanting to cosplay is a Conjuer or a white mage outfit set called "Vanya Robes of Healing" (the most expensive set in the game for healers Gil wise) I don't own it yet but know that in-game it's said to be made of silk and can be dyed a range of colors. As for the lancer and thamaturge those outfits look to be just the concept artwork and not the ones in-game that I've seen. A realm reborn is the updated version to the old ffxiv. I'd be happy to help if you have any questions on the Conjuer as I know more about that class than the rest. Oh and the character creator can be used on any PC it's called the benchmark..something just go to the ffxiv site it's there. You can try out all the races and classes see how they look. My PC can't play the game neither which is why I have it on ps3.

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