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ALA released the Pocket Program guide and it seems the Vocaloid Gathering and the Vocaloid panel "Vocaloid: Discovery-Interactive" are going to be happening at the same time.

Vocaloid: Discovery Interactive
Convention: Anime Los Angeles
Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Location: Room LP4 (MARQUIS III)
Time: 11:45AM – 01:15PM
Vocaloid Discovery Interactive is a two-part panel on Vocaloid and other ‘singthesisers’.
In ‘Discovery’ we will explore the history of vocal synthesizers, overview some of the ones out today, before finally doing an in-depth analysis of the Vocaloid software in particular. We will demonstrate how the software works, introduce common workflows of a producer, before finally taking a look at Vocaloid’s applications, possibilities, and future.
In ‘Interactive’ producer Kodakami will ask you to apply some of the lessons learned earlier in the panel to help him create a song. Koda-P will demonstrate the entire (abridged) workflow of Vocaloid song creation and you can be with him from beginning to end as we create music together!
Shame, I wanted to go to both.
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