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Name of Commissioner: Idzerda Designs
Website/ gallery: | (Ad on Marketplace)
Character commissioned and series/video game: Elastigirl from The Incredibles [full costume]
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: type=3

  • Jul 28: First contacted her. Requested deadline for costume was Dec 1. Received first reply couple of hours later. Settled payment plans after that.
  • Sept 5: Emailed her about any progress made since a full month has passed without any updates.
  • Sept 20: She finally replied, saying that she has purchased fabric but has not started on my costume because there are a few orders before me. Alright, fine, I could understand that.
  • Nov 20: Emailed her again because I haven't received any updates and it's nearing my deadline.
  • Nov 21: She replied that she will send me progress photos the following day.
  • Nov 25: Didn't receive any. I emailed her again.
  • Nov 30: Finally received photos of completed costume, and because there was no way that it could reach me on time, she offered to cover the additional shipping cost so that it'd reach me ASAP. I appreciate the offer, even if she didn't apologize for not meeting the initial deadline. However, portions of the costume (which are supposed to be red) was in the wrong color! I pointed that to her, and she apologized, offering to redo those parts with no extra charge, only that it'd reach me later. I said fine, since I can't wear it to my con (which was on Dec 7) anyway, might as well have it fixed so I can wear it for a later event on Dec 20. I asked if she could fix it up and ship it off before then, but that it wasn't a must.
  • Dec 4: She replied that she'd try to get it to me ASAP and that she had place the order for the right colored fabric.
  • Dec 16: Emailed her asking if she was able to finish redoing my costume on time.
  • Dec 20: She finally replied with the photos of the costume with the right color, and that she had just shipped it off. However, she apologized that she could not get it to me on time. Alright, I was okay with that.
  • Dec 26: Finally received package, however, it wasn't shipped to address I had requested her to mail to. (**see details below**)

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

The Good:

The costume was of high-quality, and fits amazingly on me (EXCEPT for the boot covers. She didn't use any elastic to keep them up so they kept sliding down. :/) I do like the rest of the finished costume, definitely. Nicely packaged to fit the holiday season, and she included a set of instructions on how to clean it. Also, I had requested she included the leftover red material and she did so, thankfully.

She was mostly friendly in our communications.

The Bad:

Deadline issues aside, she could improve on her communication. I'm not big on pestering commissioners or breathing over their shoulders, and it's not like I expect a reply within 24/48 hours. But I AM going to be worried if I don't hear anything for weeks, especially when the deadline is coming up, or if you say you're gonna send me progress photos the next day and it hasn't happened.

What I'm really not happy with is that I had given her an address to ship the costume to, which is a friend's place I'm currently staying at. It's due to a falling out I had with my family. Needless to say, I'm now avoiding any form of meeting with them because it's distressing to me. BUT, she did not ship it to the address I had given her; instead, the costume was mailed to my family's residential address (which I suspect she used because it was stated as my billing address to my Paypal account). Thus, I received a phonecall from them and had to head over to pick it up. Not a pleasant experience. Everything else - missed deadlines, lack of updates - I can handle. But this part was especially upsetting to me. I have emailed her about this and am waiting for a reply.

Final Grade: B-
(She seemed sincere and the costume was perfectly done in the end. I may commission her in future. Perhaps.)

/Updated (Dec 27) : On second thought, I feel less likely to commission her in future. While most of the costume was amazing, she does not acknowledge the error in shipping to the wrong address in her latest reply nor do I receive an apology for that. Only that she was happy I liked the costume. Ah, well. u___u

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