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This sounds awesome, and your previous works look great! /^w^\)
I'll pitch in with this opportunity, despite so many people that already came up to you! [Not to mention I'm a bit shy with the concept] ;;>w<)

I will be doing cosplays from the Professor Layton game series and the related mobile game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. I'd like to focus more on Mystery Room, as I'm a bit busy hosting my Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney gathering on Day 1, 3PM. However, if you're /also/ interested in replicating an Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover, I can throw some ideas on it!

For the Layton Brothers: Mystery Room scene: my friend and I will be cosplaying as Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker--Scotland Yard's finest detectives in London! I was thinking you can replicate the gameplay effects, where Lucy and Alfendi shoot out "rebuttal arrows" (in green) and the criminals counterattack with their "rebuttal arrows" (in red) during their crime cases. I will try to bring another friend to act as the "criminal" for this scene.

Here's a short trailer of the gameplay effects @0:38 and @0:52 (they're very quick!!)-

Hope this works out! ^3^)

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