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May my friends and I be in your vid?! :'D if it's not too late and if you don't have too many people hehe ^^'' Also I need to know when your gonna be shooting these vids~ :'3
I'll be cosplayin as two different versions of Prussia and Noiz from Dramatical Murder.
I think Noiz will be kewl... I saw your videos and they're pretty kewl. I dunno if you know it... It's BL game... ^^'' ehhehehe.... OTL
Anime Los Angeles 2014:
Day 1: Romano (Hetalia)
Day 2: Noiz (Dramatical Murder)
Day 3: Prussia (Hetalia)

Anime Expo 2014:
not sure if this will change or now but here it is... i hope it'll stay like this (no order)
Prussia (Attack on Titan/Hetalia crossover)
Eren (Attack on Titan)
Noiz (Dramatical Murder)
Fushimi (K)

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