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Hello my fellow XIV players! I just recently started on my own cosplay, the Monk artifact gear. I have eventual plans to also do BRD and WHM if I ever get the funds for it, though I will probably never get any of the weapons done... Anyways, monk will be debuted at Otafest (Calgary, AB, Canada =D), if not sooner (might get it done for a smaller con at the end of the month).

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Just shaped out my Choral Ringbands and the question is "How the hell do these actually stay on?" cuz they kind of do, but once I move my hands a bit, they'll start falling off.

Guess it's tape or something, since BRDs don't wear actual gloves...
Spirit gum is really good for keeping things on! I used some to hold a gem-thingy to my chest, and it only fell off as I was gathering my stuff to leave the con for the day (that was at least 11 hours!), and one of my older sisters has used it to attach things to the backs of her hands, and by the time she was ready for it to come off, it was being extremely difficult! On the other hand, I have also used double sided tape for the same gem-thingy, since at the time I had misplaced my spirit gum, but that was only for a couple of hours.

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