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Lolita Dress

Name of Commissioner: Jane Ackland/Loliposh
Character commissioned and series/video game:Lolita Dress
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Put them up later.
Timeline: So I messaged her back on 12/30/11 about the dress. Got a quick reply from her. Well hours were cut for awhile at my work. March 10 '12 gave her my measurements. Got and e-mail back from her that she had a family emergency and it was like one of those e-mails that if you ask the shop a question and they have the store down you get an the same message. March 12 '12 got a message saying she just got back and will start on it asap. March 21 '12 messaged her asking how are things going with the dress. Immediatly got the same message about unforeseen family matters. Same one from March 10th. July 6th messaged her and never heard back. At this point I missed one con and had another con in Sept. on my birthday. Did some reaserch found out she had a fb page. So she was posting things but nothing about shop closed. Apparently she had a fashion show or something. July 28 contacted her through fb asking about the dress. July 29 get a message about it was being put on hold cause the lace was on back order. Apparently they arrived when she was in the UK. She said she thought she messaged me but I guess it got lost in cyber space due to vacation mode. Don't think it was 100% true but told me when she got back to Canada. She felt really bad about it and asked if I wanted the dress still. Tod her yes and she gave me a great deal. 8/14 got another message from her asking if 50% off the price would be fine. Told her yes. 8/27 it was at customs and had to give my # to her so they could release it to me. 8/30 Got the dress and it fit. Got a little worried cause I thought it wouldn't fit. But it did.
Pros: Dress fits fine and still does. Got a discount.
Cons: Communication was kinda poor.
Final Grade: C+
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