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I am slowly working on a Super Sailor Moon costume. I have to say that I cheated and bought a pre-made leotard. The fuku is a seprate piece all on its own. I'm going to list and answer your questions if that's okay with everyone:

==Senshi Fuku==
-Did you use a figure skating uniform or t-shirt or leotard as a base?
Leotard is pre made. I was thinking about using the skating uniform pattern. I have heard good things about it.

-Is your collar attached or removable?
As of right now it is its own piece. I might attach it from the front to the leotard but make it so it will go over my head. Since there is no zipper or anything to get out of the leotard.

-How does your collar attach/is it attached all the way around?
Not yet.

-Where did you get the 'button' in the center of the bow?
Sailor Moon has no button. You could probally raid a arts and craft store for something like that.

-Did you stuff the piping around the skirt and sleeves with cotton fluff or batting?
I did stuff it but it looks so bad. I might make it over. Sleeves in her case ain't

-Where's you get the shoes?
Someone had them made for me.

-What's your opinion on boot covers?
if they are well made then they are fine. I just like actually boots. ^.^

-How'd you make your tiara?
That was also made for me. She used a gold sheet metal and a piece of elastic. The moon symbol was painted on

-Do you carry accesories with your costume?
yes!! I bought her Wand. It plays music and everything. I also have a stuffed Luna and Tuxedo Kamen Plushies. I did buy her locket but it might be a little to heavy for the costume.

-Anime or manga?

-What fabric types?
A cotton type for the Collar, and the yellow and blue portion of her skirt. the sleeves and bows are made from this pink fabric that is somewhat see through and it has a little hint of pink glitter. I forgot what it's called. Her skirt and red bow are made of a stainy material. It's not satin though. Her gloves are store bought white ones made of nylon. I will be attaching the red soon.

-How much did it all cost?
heheee Inculding the wand, locket and Plushies? Over 100 bucks. The wand is what killed it since it was never released in the states. >.< With out the wand and stuff, it so far has been about 50 bucks.

-Did you pleat your skirt?
it is pleated some what. It isn't free flowing like in the anime though.

-Have you ever seen or used the McCall's discontinued Sailor Moon pattern?
I have seen it. It has popped up all over ebay right now. I haven't bought it because it's for kids and I don't know who to change all the info so it will work a adult.

If poeple are intrested, i can maybe post some pics of my costume. It isn't completed and all the piece are not put together. I still need a wig. >.<

My dream costume is to make Sailor V from the Live action and of course Eternal Moon from Sera Myu. I might do their school uniform from the Live action. Not sure when....

i hope this is any interest or help to you gals!
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