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Day 1: I was Champion Iris from Pokemon Black/White 2.

Day 2: I was Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa.
Cosplays for 2014:
Ed (Cowboy Bebop) - 75%
Fem!Brock (Pokémon) - Planning
Mega Lucario (Pokémon XY/SSB4) - Planning
Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon) - Planning
Yami Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - 50%

Conventions I will be attending, so far:
Anime California 2014 [Maybe]
Comikaze 2014 [Maybe]
PMX 2014 [Maybe]
ALA 2015 [Definitely]

Live in the LA/SoCal area and want to meet other fellow cosplayers? Then join us:
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