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ALA had another successful year, and I enjoyed much of the con with the time I had.

The event I most enjoyed:
Though no one knew what to expect it turned out extremely well. The room was overpacked, but this is more than likely due to unknown expectations. Kinda wish I would have been able to audition, but not a whole lot of info was available on it in the first place.

The let-down:
Registration Limits
It was kind of a hassle this year when I am about to register a week before the con and see a message that says online registration was closed and only a limited number of badges were available on Day 0. I understand why there is a limit - it's common sense that the hotel cannot hold everyone. I just wish I was given ample warning especially since before this year I, and many other people, had the convenience of purchasing a badge at the door on Day 1. I learned my lesson for next year, but it would have been nice to have a more direct warning rather than a message on the ALA front page (direct email via registration info maybe?). I don't really know the answer to this predicament, but I think it is something worth trying to resolve for everyone's benefit.

I enjoy this convention every year, and I hope to continue attending in the future. Everyone is nice, and you eventually run into everyone at multiple points during the con. It's amazing how much it's grown and catered to everyone. I, and many other people, would love to see it flourish in the future.
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