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Over all, it was a great convention and I still love ALA.

Some particularly awesome points
  • The new Access department
  • The addition of the swap meet
  • Starbucks open till 9
  • Gatherings listed on schedule

Some cons

* Hotel door to pool didn't open. I know this isn't specific to ALA, but this is an issue for me with the hotel. $116 a night is a great discount, but still not exactly cheap. For a room that usually costs $260 a night, I kind of expect to be able to use the door.

* This was the first time I participated in the masquerade, and while I had fun, it took up so much time that I feel like I missed Saturday entirely. I know some people don't mind, but for me, I would rather see it be a slightly smaller event and take up less of the contestants' time. I can say that I won't be entering again, I feel like I missed too much. I even feel like I missed the live feed of the masquerade itself because the green room was so incredibly loud.

* Swap meet does need to have more room, that line was insanely long.

A few suggestions

* You might consider asking the hotel to also supply the masquerade with coffee.
* The green room during the masquerade needs to either have wider isles, or more strict enforcement about not standing/sitting in the isles. It was so hard to move around in there.

That's about it from me!
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