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Let's see if anyone got me.
Day 1: My bro and I were Tate and Liza from Poke'mon R/S/E. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones. We had plushie Solrock and Lunatone with us. And at the AoT gathering, I was Eren Jaeger, but I had German Shepherd Ears and tail as well as a dog leash and collar on. :3
Day 2: I was pretty much Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening all day. First half of the day I wore his official outfit, and the 2nd half I wore a yukata inspired by his outfit. I had a crow on my head and I also had a raven puppet with me too. I was at all 3 FE gatherings that day. Oh, if you took photos of my brother this day he was Tierno from poke'mon X and Y. I think he was the only one at the con.
Day 3: I was Goldie Foxx from the European band Studio Killers. I had Dyna Mink with me for a few hours before she left.

So please pm me if you have photos of me or my brother.
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