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Originally Posted by ThatOneGal View Post
... on the second day someone broke glass in the pool me not knowing this went in with my sister and my boyfriend and he stepped on glass it was kinda bad then security came and told us afterwards that the pool was closed... keep in mind we started at the shallow end and walked from there to the middle and they watched us go in! thats mainly my only complaint he couldnt enjoy the last day and had to stay in the room since his foot hurt him so bad...
I'm sorry he stepped on the broken glass. I hope his foot's okay now? If not, get it looked at by a doctor. That stuff can be bad news. If we knew who brought glass onto the pool deck, we'd have given them an invitation to the world right then and there.

Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
I was on the 4th floor and the noise at night was loudest from the pool area (I had a balcony). I later realized that the noise wasn't from the pool, but rather from parties occurring on the balconies. Perhaps in the future we can designate quiet floors and place the quieter rooms on those floors on the outer wall of the hotel (not facing the pool deck).
I'm not happy about the parties spilling out onto the balconies with amplified music; I could hear it clear up on the 17th floor.

Your point about "outside" rooms being automatically quieter is well taken. I will pass that on.

Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
Also, the green room for the masquerade could have been a little larger, but I have already discussed this with masquerade staff. Perhaps for next time some things can be moved elsewhere for more space, such as the food for contestants being served in a separate room?
The green room was cramped because there were a hundred people waiting to cross the stage. There aren't a whole lot of rooms we could expand into, unfortunately; there's only so much space available.

Originally Posted by MadaraNoOkami View Post
Some cons

* Hotel door to pool didn't open. I know this isn't specific to ALA, but this is an issue for me with the hotel. $116 a night is a great discount, but still not exactly cheap. For a room that usually costs $260 a night, I kind of expect to be able to use the door.
What action did you take? Most of the poolside doors worked just fine. Hotel Engineering and Maintenance was working hard and on duty all weekend, so the front desk should have been able to have someone look at it.

And which room number was it? I'll follow up when we're there in a few weeks.

Originally Posted by MadaraNoOkami View Post
* This was the first time I participated in the masquerade, and while I had fun, it took up so much time that I feel like I missed Saturday entirely. I know some people don't mind, but for me, I would rather see it be a slightly smaller event and take up less of the contestants' time. I can say that I won't be entering again, I feel like I missed too much.
I can tell you that Masquerade is the biggest thing happening Saturday... Friday has a lot more things going on than Saturday does. I'm sorry you were disappointed. We do try to warn people at the Masquerade meeting Saturday morning that it's a big chunk of your Saturday, and having 40 entries means just crossing the stage is going to take time, without taking into account the time it will take to judge each entry individually on its own merits.

Perhaps we should have a special cheat sheet on "Is this your first Masquerade? Here are things you should know."

Originally Posted by MadaraNoOkami View Post
I even feel like I missed the live feed of the masquerade itself because the green room was so incredibly loud.
A hundred people waiting, it's a good idea to get a seat closer to the speakers if you want to hear it. We're looking at ways to improve the live feed; what I'd really like is something that'll feed directly into your phone or tablet or something, and then you can use headphones.

Originally Posted by MadaraNoOkami View Post
A few suggestions

* You might consider asking the hotel to also supply the masquerade with coffee.
* The green room during the masquerade needs to either have wider isles, or more strict enforcement about not standing/sitting in the isles. It was so hard to move around in there.
Coffee. Now there's an idea. It is $300 a gallon when we get it from the hotel, though, so I have to consider it carefully. (I am not kidding.)

Originally Posted by JediofTime View Post
... My main suggestion would be to have a real cosplay changing room and then it would be perfect. This convention really takes care of its cosplayer attendees very well because I saw the cosplay gatherings listed in the program guide.
The problem with adding a room for that, as with adding anything, is what do we cut to make room for it? The restrooms have some space, and beyond that it's probably most convenient to go up to a hotel room. If you're commuting, see if you can network with someone who's staying over...

Originally Posted by Yggdrasil Pie View Post
Overall it was an enjoyable con for me, the only complaint I had was that it badge security was just a little TOO tight. I understand you don't want people ghosting the convention, but to go to places that should be public areas... it shouldn't be that difficult. I had a badge, and I decided to leave it in the hotel to move some stuff from my car (I honestly didn't think I'd need it to exit), and I was denied entry to the escalator for access to the parking lot. After that I just kept the badge on me, but with finding ribbons and stuff trailing down your badge, it might be just more convenient to leave it to pick up stuff, you know?
Why were you taking the escalator down to the parking lot? Wouldn't you just stroll out the front lobby door and down the stairs on the side?

In any event, the downstairs foyer area is most definitely "our" space, it's not a public area. There are actually no public areas at all, if you think about it, as the Marriott is private property. The hotel can choose to let us "badge" sections of it, which we do because there just so many, many people trying to crash the convention. And the places that you might consider "public" are actually the hotel's big open areas where people tend to gather -- they're the most crowded places and where we're most concerned about scammers.

I am sorry you had a bad experience when you just wanted to get to your car.
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