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Review towards AnimeLA's Starlight Ball 2014

Dance Lesson: It was great you finally did a dance lesson that I didn't mind if my dance lesson workshop was denied. But there is one problem. The dance etiquette and dress code dragged on too much at the beginning that it reduced the time of learning other dance styles. When you teach a dance lesson. Please get straight to the point instead of explaining the dress code and dance etiquette. People show up to learn how to dance not be educated about how dress code work. If you want to teach more dance styles. Just keep it simple to basic step and basic technique and move on. You would of taught more then just 2 styles. That is exactly how I did mine at last year's ALA and that is exactly the results we wanted. I taught Waltz, East Coast Swing, Salsa/Chacha, Merenge and freestyle in short period of time.

Setting: Setting is pretty good and it's nice you have a picture booth at the one corner. I have to say adding projector with the name of the song and what style you have to dance to was great addition to the event.

Music: I'm sadly have to say I did not like the songlist. The songlist wasn't spread out as much as I wanted to be. Playing Rumba song? We haven't even learned that at all at the dance lesson. I personally would suggest focus on very few type of dance/song at the ball: Waltz, Swing, Salsa/Chacha, Foxtrot, and Merenge. When I heard a song that is ment for rumba. No one got up and dance at all. The songlist from last year was waaay much better. I should of provide some song suggestions this year but I will provide them for next year.

Dress Code: It's the most laid back dress code that I wish a lot of con can do. And let the non-formal people let in at the last couple hours. I'm totally up with that!

Overall: Last year's Starlight Ball was an amazing experience for a brand new event for ALA. This year made me ask "What happened?". I talked so much about your event but didn't live to the hype this year. I didn't see much great cosplayers (I know it's hard to ask more great cosplayer to show up), music list was lacking and too confusing, and plus you didn't teach much at the dance lesson (except for the dress code and dance etiquette) that it made me wish that I was running the dance lesson. Don't take these as attack from me but take it as constructive criticism hopefully you can fix all these problem for next year.
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