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Originally Posted by OniCourseMusha View Post
Overall: Last year's Starlight Ball was an amazing experience for a brand new event for ALA. This year made me ask "What happened?".
This was the third year for this event ;3

For the most part I agree completely (though I didn't go to the dance lesson so I'm not sure how that was).

Music: I agree that the choice of music was lacking. Last year they had a facebook page and took requests on songs, so long as you provide a link to it. The song list this year seemed very Cowboy Bebop heavy, which don't get me wrong I love everything about the anime and the soundtrack, but it is music I would rather sit back and listen to rather then dance to.

Lighting: For the last two years the lights were turned down more. This year they were on full brightness and made the We had asked if they could dim them and they said this was the lighting they had to have until the pajama party? It was very confusing and I think took away from the overall dance. I'm not sure if rooms share lighting on the bottom floor or such, but maybe better scheduling could have fixed it?

Finally, Attire: I think the formal attire should be noted in the guide book. While in line many con goers lined up not knowing just how formal the dance was. Also possibly note in the book the time the formal attire is not needed? Also I'm not sure if this was ever a thing, but I thought it was cosplay or formal attire? I didn't like the fact that to get in someone would have to alter their cosplay at the door, in example throw on a vest. I agree that someone in a speedo who is "cosplaying" should put on pants and a shirt but I don't think if you are wearing a nice put together cosplay that you should have to go change into a button up dress shirt even though the character wears a short sleeve t-shirt under their vest and not a button up.

Anyway I still enjoyed myself, but would like to see some changes for the better C:

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