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==Senshi Fuku==
-Did you use a figure skating uniform or t-shirt or leotard as a base?

I used a Green Leaf ice skating pattern for my Myu Jupiter costume. I like this pattern -- it's very easy to modify ^^.

-Is your collar attached or removable?

It's a Myu collar, it pretty much has to be attached to achieve that certain look ^^.

-How does your collar attach/is it attached all the way around?

It's sewn all the way around.

-Where did you get the 'button' in the center of the bow?

Another group member of La Soldiers made all of our center jewels, so we would match. I think she made it from Sculpey and a rhinestone ^^.

-Did you stuff the piping around the skirt and sleeves with cotton fluff or batting?

I used batting, but I think mine are overstuffed, so I wouldn't use any of my advice on that subject ^^;;.

-Where's you get the shoes?

;_; I sacrificed my favorite black boots and painted them green. I was *trying* to make boot covers accurate to the musical, but 1) I can't find a matching fabric ANYWHERE, and 2) that's one of the hardest boot covers I've ever tried to make. My try out of green pleather turned out horribly.

-What's your opinion on boot covers?

Made well, they look awesome. Made not so well, they seriously detriment the look of the costume. Even if the boot is not completely accurate, I think that alternative works better than a badly-made yet accurate boot cover.

-How'd you make your tiara?

Lexan painted gold with a rhinestone glued to the center. It Velcros to my hair ^^.

-Do you carry accesories with your costume?

Well, I'm not Moon or Venus, so I don't really have the option to carry a cute kitty with me. So no.

-Anime or manga?

Myu! LOL. . .but if I have to choose, I say manga. I like Jupiter's belt thingy ^^.

-What fabric types?

Spandex for the leotard. Joann's Casa collection crepe for the skirts/collar. Tricot lame backed with interfacing for the bows. And a whole crapload of pineapple pleat lame! XD

-How much did it all cost?

It's a Myu costume. I'm sooooo not going there X_x

-Did you pleat your skirt?

Yup. For how short that skirt is, there's an awful lot of fabric in it >.>.

-Have you ever seen or used the McCall's discontinued Sailor Moon pattern?

Not I, but from online pictures I don't really like the look of it. I think the best thing to do is to start with a base leotard/leotard pattern. Collars and bows are easy enough to make so that you shouldn't need a pattern.

==Live Action Uniforms and Fuku==
-Can anyone tell me what the emblem on their right sleeve is?

No, but I've been trying to get a better look at it.

-How do these collars attach? Seems to be from inside, doesn't it?

I think they're sewn to the under leotard. Those outfits are designed really oddly O_o.

-Does anyone have plans yet to cosplay these new outfits?

Personally, I think those Senshi outfits are hideous. But I like their school uniforms. Problem is, they look very very Japanese while not transformed, so I don't think I could pull off Makoto in that context >.>.
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