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Last year I told myself I wasn't going back to Anime L.A. but again I received a badge as a Christmas gift. I have to say I'm insanely happy I went back. ^^ So here's my pros and cons...


1. The cap on badges really helped! No more pushing and shoving! Being a really small and short person this was my biggest complaint in previous years. I was very pleased with this whole arrangement. Thumbs up!

2. Con security. There was an incident on our floor on Saturday night but con staff seemed to handle the situation with ease and remained professional. I'm not sure what the fuss was about but someone was screaming bloody murder. My husband and I were rather alarmed. xD

3. Tons of places to sit and take pictures. ^^ Being a cosplayer that's a big bonus.

4. Hotel staff. Checking in was smooth and the woman who helped us was friendly and understanding. She gave us a discount on parking even though we weren't booked in a con suite.

5. Prop policy. I've been to several cons with extremely tight policies on costumes and props. X.X It's nice to be able to carry a clearly fake chainsaw around without being yelled at. xD


1. Noise. This one I don't pin on the con. When you have a room next to the elevators it's unavoidable. Nothing that prevented me from sleeping.

2. Badge checks. I don't know when badge checks are supposed to begin in designated areas but on the pool deck it didn't start until Saturday. I'm sick of seeing people pay good money for a badge so they can enjoy the con and find out later that there were tons of people slipping through the cracks. This happened at a local convention and I'm still angry at the situation. Again I don't know if there are checks on Friday but I wasn't asked for mine until Saturday afternoon.

3. This one isn't the cons responsibility either but I want to voice it. A lot of underage kids getting sexually harassed and lying about their ages. I felt really uncomfortable especially since I've attended panels on "con going" and one of the golden rules is to not hide your actual age. Underage people don't get in trouble but the oblivious adults do.

That's it from my point of view. I plan to attend next year. ^^ Hope everyone had a good time! <3
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