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I actually know a bit about the glass on the pool deck thing. It was a group of people who were playing a sort of fandom version of a "spin-the-bottle" game. I don't know how the bottle broke or why it was not properly cleaned up, though.

I might suggest perhaps a "no glass on pool deck" policy (if there isn't one already), and maybe have this on the list of rules in the program guide, with a "plastic bottles only" sort of addition.

Also, in general maybe a sign or two on the pool deck of some posted rules: ie no one in makeup is allowed in the pool, no glass allowed, no running/shoving (this I did actually run into first hand, though I'm pretty sure they were minors).

I loved, loved, loved the big printouts of the schedule/map of the con being posted on the walls. Though if it would be possible to have them next to each other would make it even better.

This was my first time at ALA, and I had a good time. It was sort of strange, because I'm so much more used to the big cons, being at one the size of ALA was a bit of a shock. Not in a bad way, but like how people you met would expect that you would bump into them again easily, while like at AX, you exchange numbers or make concrete plans to be somewhere at a certain time, because otherwise you will never see them again.
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