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Originally Posted by RoseStern View Post
Also, in general maybe a sign or two on the pool deck of some posted rules: ie no one in makeup is allowed in the pool, no glass allowed, no running/shoving (this I did actually run into first hand, though I'm pretty sure they were minors).

I loved, loved, loved the big printouts of the schedule/map of the con being posted on the walls. Though if it would be possible to have them next to each other would make it even better.
Oh look signs feedback! My favorite!

There was a sign on the pool deck (near the pool) telling people to remove makeup before getting in the water - was it not visible enough? I know the idea was tossed around to put it in multiple locations, as was banning glass from the pool deck, so I'll be sure to bring those both up for discussion.

The problem with the giant schedule printout is that it's...well, GIANT. And with our layout and other signage needs there are limited places to put it. ^^; The one by registration had big maps directly across from it, and I really think that might be the closest we can manage, but I'll look again. (Also, if I may put in a plug for our mobile app, it includes copies of the map so you could look at them on your phone while looking at the schedule? )
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