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Originally Posted by OswaldnOrtensia View Post
We will be taking Aku from Samurai Jack

And possibly the human versions of the notepad and clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
your Aku looks amazing!!! i would love to see that in real life!

last year was my first time at Metro. my friends and i were only there for saturday, and i just did a simple beatnik!Rarity cosplay from MLP. we had so much fun that this year we'd like to come for the entire weekend. i might do a new version of Rarity, or maybe bring my GLaDOS cosplay, or maybe the vaporeon gijinka i'm working on for MegaCon right?? the only thing i know for sure that i'd like to do by then is update my Tinker Bell cosplay! i've done a more costumey version before, but i'd like to make one that looks more realistic as if it were made out of a giant leaf.
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