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I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS YEAR I'm hoping it will be better than last year. Nothing to do with the con we just went with some not-so-cool people last year XP

So far this year I know for sure I'm cosplaying waitress Stocking from PSWG, Road Kamelot from D Grayman, Professor Juniper from Pokemon, annnnddd that's all I know of for-sure right now. Still working out plans/available funds XD Considering doing Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and if not I'll probably rewear my Seras Victoria from Hellsing that I'm making for Naka-kon X3
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2014 Con Schedule:
Naka kon-Anime Central-Anime Nebraskon

Anime Nebraskon 2014 Cosplays:
-Firefox Ahri from League of Legends: 20%
-Ryuko Mataoi from Kill La Kill: 75%
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