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Ooooookay. Been trying to organize my thoughts so I could finally post.

Catboi: I'd really like to carpool with joo guys, but I already bought a GreyHound ticket to Chicago. Doh! *Smacks head* As for you bringing you Street Fighter stuffs, could you do it? To my knowledge there is only one other StreetFighter cosplaying at the Anime Reactor, and he said he's going as "Dan". Friday is my Pokemon Soldier day, but I'll be Dhalsim for the entire Saturday and half the day on Sunday.

Speaking of Pokemon Soldier... here's some new pics of it. e=

Yeah, it looks retarded - but I don't care. :P

Venus: I want to come to that meeting, but I am not sure if I will be able to. I'm still waiting on some cosplay stuff I ordered, and one of them is coming by Express Mail when they finish customizing it. So I'm pretty much stuck at home waiting for it to get here, because I have to sign for them to delivery it.

And Gryphonic Angel has a point - I'd kind of feel weird just showing up to your party without knowing anybody there. Couldn't we all meet first (in cosplay) at Oakland Mall or somewhere else? Just a thought.
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