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'Unofficial' Photoshoots & Gatherings: Otakon 2014

Read before posting!!!

The shoots are now updated as of the last posts in this thread. There will be NO more updates! Please check individual threads if you believe a shoot time has changed!!!

This is the thread for the Photoshoots and Gatherings that Otakon deem 'Unofficial'. These will be the shoot not in the three locations Otakon will be regulating. I will also post about how you can apply, with Otakon, for one of the three locations they are regulating; The Charles Street Lobby, 3rd Floor Terrace, and the West Side of the 4th floor.


If conflict occur be prepared to move your photoshoot or gathering! Talk with the photoshoot or gathering who is conflicting with yours and try to work out an agreement. I'll message all whom I notice have a conflict. The suggested numbers of gatherings in one area at one time is 2 to 3, depending on the size of location and photoshoot or gathering.

************************************************** ******

*Here is a Link to the 'Unofficial' Photoshoot and Gathering's Spreadsheet!

**Also here is the link to Otakon's FAQ solely devoted to answering questions about this pilot program.
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