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What's a good place in general where people are unlikely to be around? (WNY)

I want to find a nice place to take pictures of all my cosplays where it's unlikely that many other people will be there. But I can't really think of good places in my area (I live in Western New York). There's a bunch of cool-looking places around here, like Niagara Falls and the ice rink/fountain in downtown Buffalo. But I don't want to be in such a public area. Any ideas? There's a few parks around here that not many people go to, but I'm not sure if they'd be good during this weather. There's still a bit of snow.

Here's all the cosplays I want pictures of:
-Rainbow Dash
-Pinkie Pie
-Cirno (Touhou)
-Solana (Pokemon Ranger)
-Sailor Uranus
-Generic Attack on Titan outfit
-Althea (Luminous Arc) (when I finish it)

I wouldn't mind different places for each.
Generic answers like "go to a mall" are good too (I wouldn't go to mall for it, just an example)
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