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Hi everyone. New to the site and am happy I found a steampunk thread.

I live in the UK and am going to a convention in July, but this will be my first attending a convention in cosplay. I'll be doing an ensemble piece, a steampunk frontier scientist version of Scarecrow from DC comics, utilising elements of the Arkham Asylum game and the Batman animated series.

So far I have found an amazing waistcoat, a cravat and shirt that I already had and a pair of boot cut leather trousers. From all my research it doesn't look like leather trousers are worn a lot in steampunk, but I think, with the time period and the character being kind of a western frontier scientist, the leather trousers would definitely work.




I'm going to be modifying a halloween scarecrow mask so it completely covers my head, has the gas mask attachments as seen in the game and a monocle. I'll also be making a leather vambrace version of the injector glove from the game and a hat out of an old leather jacket (similar to the one in the Van Helsing movie). Add in the small leather pouch I made as a sporran alternative for one of my kilts and a leather satchel, and I think I'll end up with a very unique and original looking outfit.

What do you guys think? Any advice, tips or feedback would be massively appreciated.
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