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Originally Posted by The-Real-Link
I would guess that even though it may be weird to meet everyone at Catboi's party, there is the fact that any other "first" event would have the same results regardless of where it is. I'll have to see how things work out though before I can comit to next week in any way yet

Well first of all I definately wouldn't let that stop me from going to his party. I'm always up for meeting new people. But it'll be harder to get to know people at a big party than if some of us got together before the party. What i had in mind was a little laser tag or something before the party and we could all carpool to the party afterwards. Also we all kinda know each other a little just from posting here. THat and my costume is turning out AWESOME (i hope. not quite done yet) and i wanna show it off. hehe.

welcome to the forum whiteswordsman. Oh and if ohayocon is in jan. how come i went to the website and it said october first. if i got the wrong url could someone post the proper one?
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