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I haven't completely decided on the characters and the lineups yet, but my choices are lying between:
Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail - the outfit that she wore when she and the Shadow Gear got stapled to the tree by Gajeel at the early in the series)
Hikaru/Kaoru Hitachii (OHSHC - gender bender version)
Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket - gender bender version)
Katara (A:TLA)
Korra (LoK)
Nanao Ise (Bleach - 8th Squad LT [now 1st Squad LT runner up])
Hinamori Momo - 5th Squad LT [Bleach]
Joushiro Ukitake - 13th Squad Capt [Bleach]
Nanao Ise - 8th Squad LT [Bleach]
Katara - Waterbender [AtLA]
Korra - 2nd Season Water Tribe get up; Pimp/Suit version [ALoK]
Bumi - Commander outfit [ALoK]
Belle - Yellow Ball Gown [Beauty and the Beast]
Mulan - Training Camp outfit; End of 1st movie outfit [Mulan]
Phantom [Phantom of the Opera]

Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach]
Sudowoodo [Pokemon]
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