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Taylor: Those look awesome! I can't wait to see y'all at Wondercon!!

Only two and a half weeks to go! Wooo!

And after talking with my cosplay buddy, we officially worked out plans for the rest of the year until Wonder Con next year! Woot! I mainly wanted to do this so that I can stay focused on budget and not spend unnecessary money on a costume I change my mind on.

-Jane Porter (for sure, Mickey's Halloween Party!)

-Captain Hook (along with my friends as Tiger Lily and Schmee--anyone interested in joining in? We'd love a Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Lost Boys, Wendy, etc! ^.^)

-Martian Queen Cheryl (along with a Lana and an Archer)--I get to make a masking tape covered plunge push-up corset for more modesty, a bubble wrap petticoat skirt and a CD and bubble wrap fascinator. What's not to love?

-Dr. Mrs the Monarch (Yes, finally doing this costume!! )

EDIT: Elsa's corset is almost done!!
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2015 Cosplay Plans:
Colonial Jack Frost (RotG) [x]
Jane Porter (Disney's Tarzan) [90%]
Rogue (90's animated X-Men) [x]
Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter) [x]
Gijinka Darkwing Duck [x]
Ceremonial Princess Leia [x]
Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) [x]
Anastasia [40%]
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) [gathering materials]
Eowyn (LOTR) [planning]
Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) [planning]

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