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Thanks, ayaasan!
Loving your future cosplay plans. And amazing Elsa corset, wow!
Now, will your Peter Pan group be attending a con? It sounds fun!

So, today I mourn the death of my Ghirahim cosplay. Sigh. The diamond cut-outs ran too big and I cannot wear it, nor do I have time to order another body suit and figure it out again before WonderCon. I'm heartbroken. Cried real tears. I had everything else, too! I guess there's always Anime Expo and Comic-Con to be Ghirahim.
But maybe it's for the best. I didn't get into the kind of shape I wanted to be for Ghirahim (two months of working out and eating right, and no real change in my body. Turns out, that was the fault of some meds. Ugh. The worst).
Now I have to pick myself up and make a whole new cosplay for WonderCon. Ngfhfpogohkofdgdf.
I'm going to brainstorm with my usual cosplay partner (who won't be going with me, though), so I'll let you guys know if I come up with anything else, but so far my only real idea is a female Ganondorf because I was going to do that for Anime Expo. But, I don't know. My heart is completely deflated, and although I love Ocarina of Time, which is the Ganondorf I would genderbend, HE'S NOT GIHRAHIM T-T
Haha. Just kidding.

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