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Name of Commissioner: MyKaios / Fate Cosplay

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Kid Loki; Journey Into Mystery

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received a single picture.

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
July 2012 - we made contact, talking about the deadline and how much it would cost to make it. Everything is all good, I sent the first half before I go on a trip to P.R. with my dad.

September 2012 - This is the first deadline, which isn't made. Even after having contacted several times to ask about the progress, I only get told that my costume will be worked on soon after one or two commissions. I'm told they can't finish it yet, so I tell them to finish in October.

October 2012 - Deadline is yet again missed, but I'm told the costume is finished except the gold bits of the costume. I tell her to just ship it out since It's so close to the convention I had commissioned this for but she says she can't go out due to the hurricane that was traveling there. (This was the hurricane that missed Florida, and traveling upwards towards the upper states.) And even after it stops, I get the "It's raining" comments.

November 2012 - I'm freaking out because my costume is still not here, and just tell her to send it immediately and she says she will but then the day of the con she says that she couldn't send it out. Around this time I was making the armor/gold bits myself since she hadn't worked on them and I was so disappointed since I wanted to wear that to my convention. This is also the time where she says she can't go due to a surgery she had to do.

January 2013 - My birthday is rolling in and I beg for her to please send me the costume, and give me a tracking number. I manage to do it after all while, but when I get the tracking number it says nothing about the movements of the package, just gives you a message saying that it doesn't mean the buyer sent it out, but that they got the tracking number. I ignore that thinking USPS is being weird but really- what should I expect but disappointment as I get no package on my birthday.

February 2013 - I tell her I get nothing, and she asks me to wait longer but I tell her I'm sick of waiting and I just want my costume. Which by the way, she NEVER send me pictures of it anytime I asked for the pictures. She gave me her phone number once and I messaged her there when she said she would send me pictures. Nope. No pictures. Also, around this time I ask for a refund but I'm told she can't do one yet, but she could re-make the costume for me.

April 2013 - I think this is the time I actually decide to re-message her about the re-make and ask her if she can, which she says yes. But at the same time, after that there is nothing about her working on it even when I message her once more a month before the next con I go to.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:

I don't think there is really much else to say besides decide yourself what you think of her. By now, she has said she won't do anymore commissions but I don't think she has much with how there are still people saying they have a commission with her. On the other hand, I WILL say she has always been a good person to talk to and always willing to answer questions about anything. Just It's a shame she let life get the best of her and prevent anyone from getting their commissions. Even the people who she has claimed she finished their cosplay, but just not had the time to ship. I've been holding back my review for the longest time due to her telling me I can't unless I have my costume- but It has been years. I've never seen my costume, let alone received it so I feel I have the right to let people know how unreliable she is as a commissioner.

Pros - Fast at replying, good person to chat with, helped with fabric choices.

Cons- unreliable at keeping her promises, and has a tendency to keep you waiting and waiting for a commission that isn't getting to you.

Final Grade: F
Convention List:
-Metrocon 2016
-AWA 2016
-Holiday Matsuri 2016
Cosplay List:
-Joker (Alice in the Country of Hearts)
-Klaus (Story of Seasons)
-Madoka (Madoka Magica)

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