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The Commissioner Review Thread 2.0

Updated: March 30th 2016

Hello everyone! no one really knows me, but I'm a cosplay fan just like you! And like you, I was very much grateful to have the Commissioner Review Thread, which let users detail their experiences with commissioning people on this website, helping newer or unfamiliar people to know who they could trust for quality and customer service, and who is probably best avoided unless in dire need. While we all thank Kanira for starting the original thread, it seems that life unfortunately has gotten in the way of their online hobbies, as they haven't even been online here in 2 years.

So I feel this asset to the cosplay community must continue on! As such, hopefully with the moderators and admins permission, I would like to introduce you to the Review thread 2.0, picking up from where Kanira had left off, so everyone can have easy up to date reviews at the click of a mouse. As such, I will follow their excellent example and use the same forms as they did. All credit goes to Kanira for beginning this. Original Commissioner Review Thread

Please remember to be polite and fair during your reviews. This is not a rant thread and this is not intended to start drama. Just let people know how your experience went and grade them fairly!

If you provide a review and wish to change it, to update a picture or whatever, please edit the original post you made so people who view it will see, but don't forget to let me know by posting a new comment so that the list can be updated accordingly! Thank you.

To search for the name of a commissioner on this page, use the ctrl+F command to bring up a searchbar and type in their name. For Mac users, use the ⌘-F command.

If you see a review of your business/a review you posted is not listed, please do not simply tell me it is missing. While I am sorry that I missed it, I went quite thoroughly through the original thread after Dec 8th, 2012 which is the last update Kanira had done in his original thread. Please feel free to leave links to the reviews, and i will be more than happy to add them to the list. Thank you!

Commissioner Reviews

If you wish to provide a commissioner review, please submit the following information:

Name of Commissioner
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
Timeline (how long your order took to process)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Final Grade:

Please ONLY submit a review if you have personally commissioned this person. While it is kind to try and boost recommendations for your friends or family members, this thread is meant as a transaction review ONLY; those who are not past customers need not apply. This is a source based solely on fact, not rumors.

Recommended Grading system:
A +/-
This is for an undeniably excellent commissioner; no communication complications, no construction error or accuracy inconsistencies; someone you, personally, feel confident in working alongside and intend to again in the future.
B +/-
While they bore the attributes on an excellent commissioner, they bear areas which could use improvement. Either communication had a habit to lag, a size was slightly off (not due to ill-measurements) or accuracy was not up to par with what you had believed they were capable of; still recommended as they bear possibility of improvement, but will likely excel at smaller tasks.
C +/-
Not a commissioner you would readily recommend unless the circumstance was dire. Communication was weak, prices seemed unreasonable and it's possible a deadline was slightly missed. Construction quality might have been questionable and accuracy could have a noticeable flaw.
D +/-
Reconsider approaching this commissioner. Either deadlines were missed completely, construction was shoddy or accuracy was barely attempted. Communication was quite possibly nonexistent, prices were likely ridiculous considering the results; this is someone to be cautioned against.
F +/-
Do NOT approach this commissioner under any circumstances.

Complete Costume- This is a costume that has everything you need from head to toe, including props and wigs.

Full Costume- This is a costume that has the majority of what you need. Shirt, pants, whole dress and stockings, etc.

Partial Costume- This is a costume that has only certain things, such as a jacket or skirt.

Prop- Weapons, wands, etc.

Wig- Obvious. Fake hair to enable you to look more like your character.

Accessory- Jewlery, hair decorations, patches for jackets.

Plushie- Stuffed animal or character dolls.

If you provide a review and wish to change it, to update a picture or whatnot, please edit the original post you made to avoid confusion.


~Heather~/ Olena/Elena Soboleva
Partial Costume A+

Partial Costume A

Adaria Designs
Partial Costume A+

Ae Ri
Props A+
Full Costume A+

agree518 / Fashion Cosplay Wigs
Wig A+

Full Costume A+

Full Costume B-
Full Costume B+

Amber Cherrybomb
Accessory B+

Full Costume A+

Anna G./Anna Glowacki
Full Costume A+
Full Costume A+
Partial Costume A+
Full Costume C-

Complete Costume A+
Wig A

Arda Wigs
Wig B
Wigs A+, A-
Wig A+
Wigs A+
Wigs A
Wig A+
Wig A-
Wig A+

Full Costume B+

Partial Costume D

Ayase Shin
Plushie A+
Wig ?
Full Costume F-

AYM Cosplay
Full Costume A-

Full Costumes C+

Full Costume A+
Accessory A

BlackMoon Cosplay/ AkaneSaotome
Wig B

Partial Costume A+
Full Costume A+

Accessory A+

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