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Link: Loving the progress! Are you going to make the staff? I would totally cosplay as Hotaru if I weren't so busty--I avoid my binder as much as possible :P

And a week and a half and I couldn't need this vacation more. Thursdays and Fridays I now work from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm with both jobs @.@ I'm glad I have Saturdays off--I plan on sleeping in super late, and then I have to majorly clean up my sewing room/bedroom. It looks like the Art Supply Warehouse and Yardage Town had a baby and it got sick all over, which is driving me insane since I'm usually such a neat freak *ack* Just need some finishing touches, and then seeing if I can finally finish Lord Monochromicorn so that I can carry him around, and make some fake snowballs.
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