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not sure if you still need a review or not, but i'll throw in my two cents!

been to animazement two seperate years, non consective. the first was kinda of a random decision, as i had never been to an anime convention before and figured it'd be a fun thing to do while visiting my boyfriend. i dressed up as Chii the first year and Princess Serenity last year, and had quite a bit of fun! the layout of everything is kinda confusing at first...

on the lowest level, you have the merchandise area, which is quite amazing and oh so large...a bit narrow in the aisles, but not bad. best to do an up/down pattern...up one aisle then down the next, then hit the middle bits at the end for anything you might have missed. XD my favorite part was the japanese food stand, which had Ramune soda, pocky of all sorts even giant!!, and fantastically fresh steamcakes.<3*drool* the anime is laid out very nicely, though you kinda have to push through people a little to get close enough to look. before you take the escalator down to the merch area, next door is the prop room for big stuff they won't allow in the merch area, and further down i believe is the game room. perfect for geeks, but for a casual gamer like me, not too much fun...though the dancing game last year was quite nice!

above/near the merchandise area is the artist alley, which is a bit crowded as well, but fairly decent. above them are the panel rooms, and a nice empty area with a bunch of windows for a fantastic view where the yugioh duelists tend to gather. a fantastic spot to rest achey feet, soak some sun and enjoy a few duels!

on the otherside of the lobby/check in area, there are escalators the lead up to the ballrooms, where the anime chess/dances happen. when you're on that floor, you can feel the people jumping. XD i was almost a bit scared once that they might collapse the whole floor! didn't happen. i think this is the same floor as the panel rooms/yugioh area. or a bit above it.

ignoring the escalators, if you walk down the hall, on the left you'll generally find the anime library! not as well organized as a bookworm like me would like, and not a lot of selection..but a nice place to kind of enjoy a few quite minutes and enjoy a not-yelled conversation.

that's about all i can remember...i probably messed up the areas, but i remember the general layout! it's the kind of thing that gets foggy until you go back...the people are very friendly, and despite the crowdedness, it has the feel of a cozy sort of community.^^ i was worried about my first year...but desite the fact i don't really know anyone when i go, it doesn't matter! you make friends for the weekend at least, and get to have a blast. and the panels are pretty awesome too!
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