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Name of Commissioner: AngieRikku
Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned: Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill's dress
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Money sent: 12/23/13
She finished on 3/6/13
Received Satsuki: 3/12/13

So very quick for how complicated Satsuki was!
She gave me a very good, fair price, which was great for me. I originally asked for her boots, too, but they were out of my budget so I just asked for the dress, which was exactly in my budget!
She also asked my opinion on different things like fabric, and what I would like the arm band to be made of (fabric or pleather, I chose pleather), she also asked what trim I would prefer on the euplats. I love it when commissioners ask my opinions on these things, I've worked with commissioners who do not, but she does!

After I received the costume and tried it on, I was blown away with how perfect it fits! I'm not even joking. It fits absolutely perfectly, it's tight like it should be, but it isn't unflattering at all! Actually, it's a very flattering dress, and makes me look thinner than I actually am, haha! I've never had a commissioned item fit so perfectly, so I give her super major, ultra props for that, because I know it's so hard to accomplish.

She's also very very nice! I'm one of those super paranoid girls, so I messaged as often as I let me self, but she never seemed bothered or annoyed, even when she didn't have any progress to show me. And she responded to my inquires fairly quickly.

The deadline was set back a few days, which was totally fine, so was almost finished when my deadline rolled around, so I wasn't worried she wouldn't have it finished (I think what may have set her back, was there was a little fabric mishap, in which she ordered fabric but it came in off white, not just white, so she had to go get different fabric), but like I said, wasn't a big deal!

Final Grade: A+++++

I couldn't recommend Angie more! She's a dream, really! Satsuki is so perfect, I literally cannot wait to wear her!
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